The Ernst Wahliss Company

Ernst Wahliss was born in 1836. He started his career selling porcelain items in Vienna in 1863 and opened his own store in 1879 also in Vienna. He had a reputation of carrying high quality wares and was very successful.

He purchased Alfred Stellmacher’s factory in 1894 and named it Ernst Wahliss, Kunst-, Porzellan- und Fayence-Fabrik, Turn-Teplitz. Hans Klier, a former Amphora employee, worked for Wahliss as the senior painter from 1897 to 1900.

Wahliss died in 1900, and his son Gerhard Martin Wahliss took over as manager at the Turn factory and became owner in 1910.

The company produced large quantities of various wares and received numerous awards at exhibitions. The factory temporarily closed at times due to the World War I. In 1921 the factory became part of Porzellanfabrik Union AG and in 1929 production ended.

Gallery of Select Works